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The Importance of Understanding and Using Medicare Insurance

If you are like most seniors, you may be trying to decide if basic Medicare insurance is sufficient to take care of your medical expenses. It is very important that you make a timely review of what coverage you have under the basic Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B insurance programs. Failure to make the proper decision could leave you responsibe for a large portion of your total medical expenses. This will most likely, not be something  you considered in your financial planning.

Make sure you check out all possible options and alternatives. Make sure you check out Medicare insurance supplement plansMedicare Advantage Plans and determine which is best for your particular financial situation and health status. While these plans all vary, they do place maximums on your financial exposure for Medical expenses.  This will protect you and your family from financial catastrophe. 

Another very important thing to consider is what coverage you may need for Medicare part D, drug plans. While it is not a requirement to have a plan for Medicare Part D, if you fail to join a plan when available, you will be subject to some expensive penalties. 

Many Medicare Advantage plans include Part D in their coverage.  Medicare Supplerment plans, as well as basic Medicare do not include Part D coverage. It must be purchased separately. Medicare sets the minimum requirements, for all of the private sector plans which health insurance companies will be offering to you.

For most Senior American citizens the basic Medicare health insurance coverage is not sufficient   If you are a senior, protect yourself, your spouse and your financial planning for your retirement by researching and taking a supplemental Medicare plan or Medicare Advantage plan that fits your needs.

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